Transmission Repair

The Risk of Using a Rebuilt Transmission:

You need to pay attention to certain things if you’re going to use a rebuilt transmission. As with anything else, there are risks involved. Those risks can be mitigated if you know what you’re looking for. For the most part, a rebuilt transmission is like any other. Although certain problems come specifically with rebuilt transmissions, if people know what they’re looking for, problems are easy to spot.

One of the simplest problems comes with leaking transmission fluid. A few things can cause leaks like this. One of the more common causes is worn-out transmission valves. If it’s addressed early, it can prevent larger problems later on. If it’s left to get worse, your transmission can run out of fluid while you’re driving, and that’s a real problem.

Another problem you might see is your transmission slipping. Any transmission can have an issue with slipping, and that problem is worse when the transmission is rebuilt. If your transmission is slipping out of gear, you’ll have a big problem getting around day to day. Getting the transmission rebuilt by a good Mint Hill, NC, repair shop can head off this typical problem.

Another common complaint is jerking or other difficulties when the car is just being set into motion. This is something that happens a lot with rebuilt transmissions. It seems like something that’s easy to get past, but it’s not a problem that should be ignored for long. When that jerking or stuttering happens, it’s because there is not enough power getting to the car and wheels for it to start moving right away. This is something that can cause major car accidents if the driver does nothing about it.

Something that regularly causes drivers to panic is the check engine light. While some people might ignore this light if their vehicle seems to be running fine, it’s still important to get it checked out by a professional mechanic. The check engine light being on can signal problems with the transmission, as well, and transmission problems only get worse when they’re ignored.

If there’s a problem with the car not moving when the wheels are turned, it can spell trouble. You shouldn’t try to drive a car with this problem, since it can be dangerous for other motorists. Twin Transmission can tow it in if you’re in the shop’s radius. Don’t take chances with safety.

It’s not hard to tell that your car can have a number of different transmission problems, but if they are addressed properly, your vehicle can have a long life. Drivers should get problems checked out early, when signals that something is wrong first present themselves. An educated driver is a safe driver, and Twin Transmission can be a great partner in car maintenance and transmission repair in Mint Hill, NC.

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