Transmission Rebuild

How to Avoid Common Transmission Problems in Your Car:

When thinking about car repairs, people take their transmission for granted. When teaching basic car maintenance, transmissions don’t get discussed enough, and this can lead to major repairs that car owners don’t expect. Knowing how to prevent some of the more prevalent transmission problems in your car can keep you out of a lot of trouble. Sometimes it’s just about relying on that old saying about an ounce of prevention. Keeping your car regularly serviced with preventative maintenance is just as important as getting regular check-ups at the doctor to prevent bigger problems later on.

The easiest thing you can do is watch for fluid leaks. Keep an eye on your driveway for mysterious stains. A leaking transmission can lead to bigger problems later on, and it’s very helpful to catch something like that early. The first sign is leaking fluids.

Also remember that, just like your oil, transmission fluid needs to be changed regularly, too. Regularly changed transmission fluid keeps gear trouble at bay. It’s a simple thing to have done regularly to keep your transmission doing its job. Old transmission fluid can begin to burn, and it won’t give you as much protection as fluid that’s regularly changed. Talk to your mechanic about how often to change out your transmission fluid. It’s a common cause of transmission problems.

If you drive a standard transmission, commonly known as a stick, you’ll want to be careful with your shifting habits. Come to a complete stop before shifting into park or reverse. If the vehicle is still in forward motion when you do this, it’s very hard on your transmission, causing the gears to grind.

Also avoid forcing your gears to shift. This is something caused mostly by impatient drivers. Make sure to keep your foot on the break when you’re shifting from park into drive. This makes it easier to shift gears, and it’s much gentler on your transmission. There’s no good reason to try to force your car to do things it’s not meant to because you’re in a hurry.

More than a few drivers have found out that any vehicle can have major transmission repair needs. The thing is, if you know how to maintain your car and prevent transmission problems ahead of time, your car will thank you for that gentle treatment by riding smoothly for a very long time. Let a professional change your transmission fluid, shift gently and properly, and don’t be any harder on your car than necessary. For questions about small problems or transmission repair, drivers near Mint Hill, NC, can call up Twin Transmission.

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